Lease management

Our offer is addressed to everyone

who is responsible for handling complex issues connected wtith a flat and is looking for a company with experience in lease management. As a responsible administrator and supervisor of real property, we take care of houses owned by people who have emigrated from Poland or are unable to look after their flats for other reasons. If we take proper steps, we can help them not only to maintain their flats, but also to gain regular profit from the lease. This way, then can feel comfortable and be free of any concerns.

The detailed scope of real property management services provided by Gestor Home depends on your individual needs and expectations. You can count on us to look after your home, and enjoy a trouble-free lease while you are away. We operate in such cities as Szczecin, Poznań, Łódź and Warsaw. We are constantly expanding our operations to other cities throughout Poland. We are working to the benefit of everyone who is not able to devote their free time to manage their flats, regardless of the reason.

Our offer includes in particular:

  • organising work in order to prepare real property for rental purposes
  • finding the Lessee
  • ensuring a trouble-free and safe lease
  • negotiating the best terms of the lease
  • preparing a detailed delivery and acceptance report
  • controlling the regular and timely settlement of all payments
  • conducting periodic  inspection visits of the flat
  • looking after  the flat throughout the period of the lease
  • supervising the flat  as regards technical issues
  • organising minor or major repairs
  • managing pre-court debt collection

In addition, we can:

insure the real property
on preferential conditions

settle taxes related to
the real property and the income derived from it

look after your house
while you are away

*And we can take care of your flat in any other way.


Revolutionary model of cooperation

We operate on the basis of an innovative computer system for handling lease, which is integrated with our website. It enables convenient management of properties. The user (Owner of Lessee), regardless of the place in which they are staying at a given time, may check how the supervision over the real property is going and get information in which they are interested, or, if necessary, immediately contact the account manager.


Fair principles and clear standards

We value your peace of mind, and that’s why we care for your housing needs throughout the lease period. We act on the basis of clear principles, and our account managers do their best in order to ensure that the terms of cooperation are understandable to both Lessors and Lessees. In addition, the account managers constantly remain in contact with both parties to the lease. As our actions are transparent, we are able to build long-term relations, thanks to which you can derive benefits from the leased property as long as possible and without any interruptions.


No fees during vacancy period

We do not charge you with any costs for establishing cooperation or finding a Lessee of your flat or house. What is more, until the real property has been leased, we manage it free of charge. We are motivated by your profit!


Experienced and trusted account managers

Our team of real property agents consists of specialists with great experience in the industry. Entrust lease management to professionals whose education and trainings guarantee the best results!


Proven solutions

We act on the basis of our experience and we employ all legal instruments. We can lease your property on general terms or on the terms of occasional lease. Our account managers will present you with all advantages connected with each solution.


Major Polish cities

We manage properties in Szczecin, Poznań, Łódź and Warsaw and in the vicinity of these cities.  In addition, we are constantly expanding the area of our operations. Contact us – perhaps we will soon be offering lease management services in your town.

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    Real profit

    We will inform you about the real rate of rent you can get from your property, and nevertheless we will negotiate the best conditions for you. Szczecin, Poznań, Łódź and Warsaw – we know each of these cities and their lease rates. In addition, we strive to find responsible, punctual and trustworthy people. We verify the prospective Lessees at the stage of negotiations because lack of rotation and longer cooperation is as beneficial to you as it is to them.

    Safe lease

    We pay much attention to the security of the lease and we keep the real property in a non-deteriorated condition. That’s why our account managers will start with preparing a detailed and accurate description of the property we are accepting for management. As a result, we are able to verify the condition of the property at each stage of cooperation, and we can make sure that it does not change. We assume the responsibilities of a host, as well as organise and supervise both minor and major repairs, depending on the need.

    Complex care

    Our lease services include much more than just finding a Lessee. As part of lease management, we help you prepare the flat for lease, create a professional lease offer, find the proper Lessee and look after your flat throughout the duration of the lease agreement. If necessary, we also provide professional legal services. Moreover, if you are interested, we can insure your property and settle taxes related with it.

    Convenient cooperation

    We can release you from all obligations related to the lease and management of real property. You order us a task and you don’t need to worry about anything. We will take care of your flat, find the proper Lessee, settle payments, organise repairs, and, at your wish, insure the real property and settle taxes. Your only task will be to find a way to spend the money earned from the lease.

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